1. Apple Store madness. Arrow

    "Apple stores don’t have “no smoking” signs. Legally they need them but they “ruin the design of the store”, so for every apple store in the UK they pay £50 a day to keep their windows sign free. Crazy shit."

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  3. The Invisible OLED Laptop to End All Laptops - Novaled - Gizmodo Arrow

    I embrace the future!

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little monsters

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    little monsters

  7. Man who 'ran pirate music site received £190,000 in donations from downloaders' Arrow

    "Oink was free to join, but by invitation only, and to be able to propose a friend, users had to pay a donation of at least £5."

    Yeah. Right. DailyMail is as fair and balanced as FoxNews is.

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    (via mothmilk)

  10. Schwarzenegger Seeks Shift From Prisons to Schools - NYTimes.com Arrow

    If that pretentious fuck would decriminalize marijuana, half of the jails would be empty and he’d have plenty of money. ‘mjustsayn

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